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Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny, Bazare, Dress Gifts!

Hi My Vintage Lovers.
Last Week I got 3 vintage 1950's dresses! They were all gifts! But they all have a very funny story to them.
Dress Number One : ( Dark Navy Blue)
I have been saving for this dress for a bout a month. I love it beacuse Its a must have winter dress its warm its cozy but it flares out like no other. So I just graduated from highschool last month, and my auant was asking so do you anything? I told her about the dress that i have been saving up for. I thought it was funny becuase she was asking where is the store ect. But I didnt pay to much mind. My mom and me went to the store the next week and I was looking for the dress . And I got so depressed to find it was Gone!! Well the next day for my family dinner to celebrate my graduating. My aunat brought out a bag and guess what I found the Navy Blue dressed! I screamed!!Because I thought I lost the dress to someone else!haha

Dress number two and three ( the blue plaid and orange): Well I have been not eyeing but coveting these two dresses eversince I watched Gidget for 3 years. So one day my mom said lets go to the store. To find out they had a sale bc they were they were closing :( I was upset bc I gotten so many dresses from them. But those dresses were on sale. So i was going to try them on and get at least one, with a slip. The usualy Sir who always was there,  said you I try them on in the bath room. Before I could do anything the "manager' was yelling at us saying we cant try them on. ect. My mom asked are you the manager. She said yes. Then she said to me I have to buy the dresses and slips first before I try them on.It wasnt really the policy that got my upset but was the fact that she was really mean about it. So me and my mom left . And while we were leaving the seller that i got the two dresses and the slip stopped us and said " Consider it as a gift, Im the owner of the both". The man went back inside the store. We were stunned!!! We thanked the man so much. But It was sooo weird! But nice!
So those are my Funny Bazare Dress Gift Storys!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. That's so neat! I'm very jealous, I especially love the navy blue one, I've been looking for a nice winter dress. :)
    Can't wait to see them on you! :D

  2. Thank you ladies! Yes kir when it was starting to get warm! I just felt that i needed a winter vintage dress!


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