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Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny Girl Series : Ginger Rogers

Hi My Vintage Lovers!
Today I did a Ginger Rogers hair inspired set. Let me warn you its not perfect. But you get the idea! :) Ginger Rogers made so many movies that today we still admire! She will always and forever be the All American Girl. She gracefully looks marvelous being a red, brown, and blonde head!
Here Is the tuturial for Ginger Rogers Hair!
What you will need : Styling gel, banna clips, wide tooth comb, bobbypins, hair glosser

I just wook up from my night set and here how it looks. It looks decent because I always put a scarf covering my set.

This is your pattern for your left side of the head.

Your pattern for the right side of your head. In the back you do a technique called stacking. Which is you layer on the pin curls .

The bobby pins are off

Bursh the curls with the wide toth comb. This always the curls to seprate

Now Brush the curls on top and underneath. Add A bit of gloss when you do this.

With the wide tooth comb encourage the wave by brush in a wave . (My hair is not going to look the same as ginger rogers 1) i have longer hair, 2) Its more thicker)

This is how it looks when you finish. You are going to be suprised how you dont have to do that much to make it wave.

When it relaxes it makes a somewhat deep wave

And when you brush the bottom of the hair it turns in to the hair style pictured here.

Hope you enjoy! Like I said my hair is different from Gingers Hair. But the set does really make a nice wave! Hope You like It!
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst


  1. How do you get a wet set to turn out so nicely? Even with a setting lotion (Lottabody), my curls turn out flat, misshapen, frizzy, and wonky. My hair is naturally straight. When I begin brushing out the set, 8 can't get the frizz to disappear.


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