The Powder Room

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Unfinished Room ....

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
My room is going thru alot!! Meaning alot ...
My orange walls!!!!... from the Austin Powers 60's era....
( it was fun 3 years ago..but now I'm settling in to a more sophisticated... shabby chic / 1940's and 1950's decor now)
This winter I will be changing my wall to a pretty in pink ..English rose to match my decor!! I cant wait... Then I will be changing my curtains to silk beige...

But so far do you like to decor......

So how do y'all like it??!!!
Please try not to look at the orange... hahaha

Love as always

Miss Amethyst


  1. Oh, look at all your pretty trinkets! What an adorable room, I bet it'll look amazing in pink! And that chenille bedspread is super amazing!!

  2. You have some gorgeous items, love the lamp and the ceramic lady x

  3. Oh I used to wear Vera Wang Princess, such a lovely scent. I love the decor, from the milk glass lamp to the Julie London album covers!

  4. The records you have on your table... I was so surprised because the redhead girl on the one that is propped up looks exactly like me!

    I recently saw you featured on Vintage Queens! Congratulations. So, I decided to visit your blog. It's very lovely by the way. My name is Autumn and I'm 17. I do so love the late 1930's and the 1940's. It is exciting that you are going to cosmetology school! Good for you!


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