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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Abuelita & Grandmommy Duncan .. a look of the past

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
I wanted to share with you some pictures that I had of the grandmother*s. One with my Abuelita on her wedding day in the 1940's !! She looks like an absolute dream!!! That would be amazing if she kept her dress.... but maybe its somewhere around here.. maybe in a Vintage Shop ..who knows :)
And my Grandmommy Duncan I'm pretty sure her high school picture.. haha!! she looked adorable with her page boy hair cut!

 Left : Abuelita on her wedding day...Right Grandmom Duncan!

those were the days!!!

Miss Amethyst


  1. Grandmom Duncan is so cute. She looks like she should be in an old film.

    Aubelita is divie. I am loving her headpiece.

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