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Monday, July 11, 2011

Vintage Beach Outfit Post: Day 1 & 2 Summer Dreams

Hello My Lovely Vintage Lovers!

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging, I was on vaca.... Virginia Beach!
 I got some neat pictures to share!
The first two days me and my family went on the beach! The first day was really cloudy and the water was cold and it was raining on and off! Bummer...
But the second day was really pretty it was sunny and warm! ...No rain! ha ha!!
The first day I worn this cute vintage inspired bathing suit and I put my hair up in a turban!
 ( I will be doing this 'hair how to' on my 5 minute Beach Do!)

I was sorta worried that since my hair was shorter it will be harder to put it up,  but it was fine & easy!!!!!!

The second day out on the beach, I worn a Vintage 1950's Swimsuit! 
All I have To Say Was...
Comfortable Comfortable Comfortable!! 
This is my new vintage bathing suit and its my fave!! I hate how modern bathing suits have like this Lycra stretchy material and it gets you really hot... This is made out of silky cotton and its so breathable!! I just love it!!!
I had a cute little pink vintage scarf and I put a vintage beach hat on! With aqua blue cat eye glasses to match!!!

I also had Makeup that was water proof so when I went swimming it still was on!

I was def ready for the beach!!!
Although.. no tan ha ha!!! I was still ready!.. Good thing I didn't burn!

I hope your having a fab summer!!
Next post My Vintage Shopping in Richmond Virginia!

Miss Amethyst


  1. Such a lovely blog! Love these pictures, you're so sweet:D

  2. You look adorable!! Your vintage suits are so lovely!!

  3. Gahhh!!! I want to go to the beach now you make it look so glamorous!! :)

  4. Awww thanks guys!!!
    Angelique - aww thank you, i try...
    Hep Kitten- thanks!! :D
    Dakota- Aww thanks!! io just love my suits!! i want to find a 2 piece now!!
    Young Vintage Girl- Haha!!! aww thanks... glamourous! awww!! , this took me like 5 minutes to do my hair.. i think the outfits do the talkin!! haha!! thanks!!!

  5. Hola! Acabo de descubrir tu blog, I have been reading some or your posts and I JUST LOVE IT, love your blog! You look so vintage, and I love you post how to do the hair styles.
    In this pos you look so so pretty , I LOVED the outfits, you look very glamorous!
    I just become a follower.

  6. You look so cute! I've been trying to find a vintage inspired bathing suit but they're hard to come by at a lower price. You wouldn't happen to have any recommendations as to where a girl could get one, would you?

  7. Lizzy- Aww thank you!! You just made my day!!! :D

    Janine Mimi- Thanks!! :D Hmmm, Well I know this is not a vintage place.. but even Walmart has some wintage inspired bathing suits that are like $15.00!! They have this 40's feel to it! Then you can try ebay or etsy if you want a true vintage bathing suit... or even your local vintage / thrift shops, ( bargain with them too...) Its really treasure hunting when looking for one, you never know what you are going to expect.

  8. You look absolutely adorable at the beach! I can't wait to spend endless weekend days in the sand :) I do need a pair of cat eye shades..shoulda got them when I saw them a few months back!

    I have a retro inspired bikini with a high waist bottom from American Apparel, got it as a gift and it fits well for a modern bikini :)

  9. I absolutely love that bathing suit!Where did you find yours? I've been looking for one but i don't want to buy one that's been used... or to expensive;)


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