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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Shopping Day

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
On my trip we stoped over soon cute shops !
Although I had a shop in mind to go to .. they were sadly closed.
But there was some really cute other vintage clothing shops around! In fact I manged to get a vintage 1950's out fit!! Lord and Taylor too!!!:)
I thought this car was cute !!! Its a vintage car!!!!

I wish i can have it!!! ;)

These flowers were the size of my hand bag basket!!! They were HUGE!!!!

Then I went to Luxe Vintage Store!!!

Haylcon Vintage Store!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

This is What I got from Haylcon Vintage Store!!! The cute little 1950's Lord And Taylor Dress. Pink and white! It was a keeper when I put it on!!!

A building he he!! i thought it was pretty!!!

I had a great time!!
Have A Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst


  1. You remind me so much of Elizabeth Taylor! I love your's always inspiring to read your posts! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Oh, I want to go vintage shopping!! I haven't had time to find any new stores or go to any of my favorites. Looks like you found some great stuff!


    Mabel Time

  3. I agree with Miss Virginia! I love your hair, so stunning! xox

  4. Love the dress! I'd like to ask you about pin curling, what is the best hair type for getting 1940s style curls? I currently have long layered hair so I'm going to get my hair cut, but what would you suggest? Thanks! :) x

  5. Lovely pictures!! I LOVE your style!!! please show a tutorial how you do your hair.......or have you done it already?

  6. Aww Thank you for such the sweet comments ladies!! :D

    Miss Virginia- Awww thank you!!! Thats so sweet!!! Aww to be compared to her thats an honor!! Thanks, I try to keep my posts interesting! :D

    Mable- yeah! it was really fun, like i said there was a shop in particular that i wanted to go, but.. I ll go there next trip... :D

    Sarah- Thanks you!!! :D

    Miss Marcie- Aww thank you!! Well really any hair type is great for pincurling... or cource theres two extremes; that would be ( boy cut short and Extermly long hair) but I find easy to pin curl 'collar bone' length hair it can even be about 4 inches longer, if you dont like that length. But for layers I wouldnt be heavy on the layers ;soft layering , like the long layers. Framing the face would help to. :D

    Lotila Haze- awww :D thanks!! im a big fan of ur blog!!!

    Lizzy- thanks!!! i haventreally done a tuturail of how I do my hair, but i can !! :D

  7. That's where my beau is!!! Now I'm even more excited for when we go visit Virginia.

    You look so darn cute all the time! :]

  8. These outfits are all super cute and I read your comment and actually my aunt lives in Leesburg I went into On a whim with my mom last trip I had out there which was a while ago, I think I was 13....I haven't gone to visit her in a few years because every time we've made plans something happens =(

  9. I LOVE your hair? I haven't looked through your archives but have you done a 'how to' vintage hair post? It's just perfect!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

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