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Monday, July 11, 2011

Eye Liner All Over?

What Do Ya Think?! Eye Liner on Bottom Lashes?

When I was on my trip I experimented with Eye Liner on my lower lash line.
I never usually do this, but on my trip decided to try it out!

I used Sephora Black Khol liner.
I gently drew on the liner, and winged it out softly.
It lasted all day!!!

I think its different, usually i see some stars like Liz Taylor and  Sophia Loren with all over liner.
So why not try it!
I thought it was cool how my eyes really popped when I lined my bottom lashes.

When I was on my trip we went over to 'Sephora', and whew!!!..... That store makes me go makeup gaga!!! All me and my mom was saying was" I like take 2 of those and 3 of them .."
ha ha!!
It was so much fun at Makeup Heaven!!!
I Bought some really cute vintage inspired makeup!!
So in the near future I will give product review!!!

Miss Amethyst


  1. I don't usually do liner on the bottom either but I think it does really make the eyes pop- very 1920's starlet! I love sephora too! We have one in my hometown and I go crazy every time I'm there!!

  2. You should always do your makeup like this!!
    You look so pretty!:)

  3. You look lovely as always!

    I, myself, always leave out the eyeliner at my bottom lashes, as I am way too pale and blonde for it, but it suits you mighty fine ;)


  4. You look very glamorous with the bottom liner!! Very Liz Taylor.
    I never wear liner on my bottom lashline during the day, but I'll often smudge a little on when I'm going out in the evening for a more dramatic look.

  5. I love eyeliner on the bottom! It really makes the eyes look striking. I just discovered your blog and it's great!


    Mabel Time

  6. I always wear kohl pencil all around my eye, smudged a bit for a 30's starlet look, I can't get on with liquid eyeliner just on the top lash line. Pale complexion girls can try brown or grey pencil for the same effect!!!

  7. I bought a big pack of coloured liners from Urban Decay so I too am experimenting with drawing on the lower lashes. Because I wear glasses my eyes sometimes look smaller, so eyeliner helps them pop!

  8. Thanks Guys!!!

    Miss Emmi- Ohh i love urban decays liners!! Yeah thats what I tell my clients who wear glasses on a daily basis to go extra heavy on the eyes since you wear glasses!

    Paper Doll - OO thats sounds pretty! , same with my thats why I put mascara on my lower lashes.

    Mable- AWW thanks!!

    Dakota- Thanks!!! :D oooh you have really pretty eyes, so I bet that looks striking on you !!!

    Lindsay- Aww thanks!!!! I bet the lightest brown liner would look amazing on you!!!

    Young Vintage Girl- Thanks!!!! ....Yep! I think I am going to do this look a little more often!! :D


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