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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Funny Girl Series: Lucille Ball

Hi All Vintage Lovers!
Im doing my vintage hair series. And I want to start it off with those classic funny girls. The first person who came in mind is Luccile Ball , from 'I Love Lucy'!
This however is not the most perfect tutorial. But it gives you an idea of how to create her classic poodle up do!

1) Our products. ( comb, banna clips, bobbypins, hair combs, rollers, and styling gel)
2) With hair damp apply gel. Take a square section on top and clip it out of the way. Then on both sides of hair that is loose take you banna clip and clip it just past your ear.
3) Un clip the top section and put a roller on the front of hair/bangs.
4) Apply as much pincurls as you like on top.
5) Create pincurls on the bottom of your hair in the back. Then two layers of rollers faces down wards. Then the top layer with 3 pincurls. (optional : while doing you hair set watch a ' I Love Lucy', like me, to get ideas!)
Next Morning!
6) Next morning, Take out everything from your hair and apply shine drops.
7) With your hair comb, there is a pik on the bottom and use that to seprate the curls gently
8) Brush your hair under neath.
9) Take your side section and brush it out.
10) add you hair comb to both sides
11) add hair comb to botttom of hair
11) with bobby pins form the curls shapes you want ontop
Finish look!!
Add a flower half hat to add omph!!

Back of the Hair

Hope you enjoy!!
Have A Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst

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