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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Basic Series :A Roller How To

Hello there all vintage lovers. This is a picture how to, on how to put on a roller. Im not doing any set in particular. Like Isaid this is the Basic Series, if you know how to do the basic roller application the rest is easy. :D Enjoy!

1) Products.
I have used many products in the past and the products used in the picture her are what i find are the best for me.
The Gel that i use is called 'Queen Helene styling gel', this product is basically like the those old fashion hair gels, such as the famous 'Dipty-Do' gels. Its a pink gel you can get at 'Sally's' and it smells so great. It adds sheen and it hold the curl extremly well, with out the crunch!
The Shine drops that i use is called 'Paul Mitchell skinny' its really good gel to keep all the frizzez away beacue it acts like a buble on a hair strand. It also adds lots a shine to your hair to.You can get this at your local salon.The rollers and booby pins i use, is up to you which choose you like. I perfer 1 inch rollers with tiney little bristles to grip on your hair. Although i never tried sponge rollers, but i will soon to see if i like those.

2) I perfer to to put rollers on damp hair. I also perfer to put shine drops first. The for each section I use for a roller I put a dime size of gel. So Here this picture is me with section off hair, I have already put in my shine drops and my gel for the roller. Make sure you brush each section! :D

3) Put the end of your hair strands to the roller.
4)Slowly and carefully begin to roll your roller up to your scalp.Make sure you keep those strands in place.
5) Repeat steps. I did all my rollers faces down wards.

7) Dont forget once your done to put a scarf around you head. It protects your set.
8) Finished! Once your set has dried , brush it out and dont forget to set it with hair spray!!

 Hope you enjoy!!
Have a Very Vintage day!
-Miss Amethyst

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