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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Basic Series! Pin Curls

Hi all vintage lovers! So today i finished my pincurl how to. Like I said on my basics series part one on rollers, im not doing a hair set in particular. Infact im just showing how to create a pin curl! Its rather simple. Its was hard to get the bobby pins to show up, beacuse i have dark hair. Hope you enjoy!

1) Section your hair out. Its going to save a lot of time and it will look neat. Put in hair gel if you desired. Make sure you do your pin curls not crazy wet , but damp. Before you start a pin curl brush out the section, that way it will be smooth with no knots!

2) Begin the pin curl formation. I find it easy to create the circle by wrapping it around my finger then slowing taking it out and roll from there. Roll your curl slowly up towards your scalp.

3) Finished! You add two bobby pins. Make sure you have them like an X. that way bobby pins will lock together and your hair set wont go no where!

I hope that helps everyone thats not quite sure what a pin curl is. Do you have any tricks? Share!
Have a very vintage day!
Miss Amethyst


  1. Too bad this wasn't up when I first learned to pincurl!
    Looks great! :D

  2. thanks. i do all of my hair sets at night. that way when i wake up its dry. yeah its really simple. you can even do a messy set and it can come out great! haha


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