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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hello My Vintage Friends!!!!!

Playing with my cousin acting silly!!!!
I'm officially back from my busy world of hair!!!! I recently did some wedding ..and yes of course dolls and guys ...vintage style!!!!!!
I also have been taking pictures along the way!!! ...And yes for my how tos....don't worry i have them all saved on the computer ...all I have to do is edit them!! ...( and let me tell you they are fab fab fab!!)
I also have to trips planed so i will show you my latest treasures!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
So I'm just supper excited to just sit back and just blog away!!!!!
Much needed therapy!!!!

My mama and dadda!!!!

Look forward to my next post!!!!



  1. glad yo have you back <3 cant wait to see whats in store! your mommy and daddy are cute <3

  2. I'll try to wait patiently for the how tos, and I'm so glad you're back! You look very classy, as always!

  3. Your hair is just divine in that top shot....what a stunner you are !

  4. You are absolutely gorgeous, you do know that right? Between your fantastic hair, sparkling eyes, and great vintage style, you're definitely an inspiration for the old school loving masses, dear gal.

    Thank you very much for your recent blog comments, I really appreciate them and hope you're having a stellar week.

    ♥ Jessica


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