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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Sorry & A Update!! ..and A Outfit!!!!

Welcome My new followers!!
Sorry if I have been MIA lately!! Such a bad blogger!! To those who have hair requests!! I have not forgotten!!! January 3 will be my last cosmetology test!!... The Practical one!! .... :O ... so i have been very busy with practising for that... so after January 3... I can proudly say I am a hair stylist!!!
 Ive been also very busy with the my little Powder Room ...& my room!!
Currently I am painting my ugly orange walls into soft powder pink walls!! Almost finished!!! :) Yippee!!
 I cant wait!!
I also have another wall finished in the powder room..the next post will show the wall!!

For the hair requests!!! They are currently in the working..making sure its perfect!!!
after January 3... I will give my full attention to all the hair howtos..and questions my lovely readers been asking! That means.... I will go back to pick that hairstyle... ( all you lovely reads will vote which hair style to choose for me to recreate!!) wouldn't that be fun!! I just cant wait till all the madness of testing ends!hahaha!!

Wanted to show you also my new outfit!!!
Hope Y'all love it!!

Showing off my seams!!!

The Girl Cant Help IT!!!

Again ..sorry!!
Miss Amethyst


  1. Cute outfit!! I love the front wave in your hair, too, so pretty! Best of luck with your test :)

  2. Very pretty blouse! and like always you look very pretty, I LOVE your hair!! Good luck with your final exams!

  3. forgive me for saying this but you kinda look like dita von teese! <3
    love the hair and make up! also goodluck with ur sure you are going to do well! xx

  4. These pictures are gorgeous, I love your hairstyle!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Good luck with your final exam! Gorgeous pictures, you look so pretty and I love your hair

  6. Don't worry, and I hope you are able to rest more :)
    Love your blouse, hair, your red nails, well, the complete look! You really look like a 50's lady, very elegant.
    I can't wait for the hair howtos, it's one of the posts I like the most :).
    Good luck with your test, you will pass without any problem!
    Regards :)

  7. Stunning, as always! Good luck on your test and can't wait to see your powder room!

    xo Corinna

  8. It's THE teal skirt! So cute. I love the blouse too!

  9. I am so Happy for you, your so great at doing hair, and when it becomes offical that will be even greater, because you definately deserve it! Oh, and you look darling in your outfit!
    P.S. "Can't wait for the future hair posts."(:

  10. That skirt is so cute!! Good Luck on the test I just know you'll do a swell job =)


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