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Monday, December 12, 2011

I Love Besame' Lipstick!!!!!!

So recently I just purchased 2 Besame' Lipsticks!! ...I love them sooo much!!!!
They are so silky and smooth... the shape of the lipstick it self allows you to outline your lips! Its semi matte...perfect for that vintage gal!!! You can make them as a stain or apply them as heavy as you want it to be!!!

The colors I got was
Cherry Red
Red Velvet!!!
Deeper reds for the winter and fall!! The lipstick bottle it self is SO feminine!! Its makes you feel like you bought something straight from the 1940's!!!
All I can say is I love Besame' and looking forward to buying more products from them!!!

Miss Amethyst


  1. Yes, I think the same! Buying them makes me feel like if I were in the 1940's decade, buying some cosmetics to look glamorous in a Red Carpet of those days. They're pretty elegant, because they're packaged in a great vintage style! And the best: excellent quality :).
    If I were in US right now, I would buy all of them. But, unfortunately, I can't find them in my country. So, the next time I travel, I will go there and I will spend all my money in buying those cute vintage stuff.

    Great blog! Regards :)

  2. I don't have one but it on my ridiculosuly long list of "Stuff I want". I am also really keen on trying the Tom Ford lippies. There is a great orange/red in there.

  3. I love them too! And the colours you bought are my very favourites!

    I'm in Sweden and I order my Besame lipstick from the What Katie Did website in the UK.

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