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Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintage Hair Style For Men :1930's S wave

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
Today I will be showing you a vintage hair style for men : 1930's S wave ..( although like I said before you need to have your hair a lot longer in the front to do a vintage hair style for men) My model he his hair is not long enough to get a "True" vintage hair style. But it will give a general view of how it should be combed.

What you need is:  Hard To Hold Gel, a styling comb.

1) comb thru the gel

2) part hair (any side) ( deep part)

Take the side you parted and brush (swing it) toward the back and place your fingers on the hair.
then still with finger still at same place on the head. swing the part you combed back forward.
Then repeat on other side.

( like I said his hair is not long enough, but if it is you will get a better effect :)

Hope you enjoyed my hair how to. I'm sorry if it didn't came out quite as good.
If you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you.
Have A Very Vintage Day
Miss Amethyst

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