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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lazy Girl 1940s Outfit Post an Weekly Finds!!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!
Todays post is all about catching up!
I felt a little lazy today, so I ended up just wearing  my 1940's Freddie's high waist jeans, 1940's strip ruffle blouse with a 1940's knit green sweater. I have my set for the ' Ann- Margret Do' So I cant wait to show you all!

A 1940's Ballerina Scarf  that my abuelita ( grandmother) had when she was my age.

I also wanted to share with you my lovely vintage finds!!!!
When I was at the cashier, this lady who made a return on a recent  purchase of a vintage 40's microphone!!She said it didn't work. But it was in such  mint condition that I would buy it any way to display it in my house!! Ha ha!! :)
Here are some of the vintage goodies I have found!!
1950's Swing Teal Coat

1950's swing 'Happy' Dress! A 1960's Sun Hat
The 2 Purses ( Steal!!)
Both $1.00!!!!!!!!!!
1930's vanity tray. 1950's (Amethyst ;) jar,  Poodle circa 1950's , and a vintage 50's scarf
All from the 50's!!! All $2.00!!! (steal) Expect the colorful flower earrings I got them for a $1.00!!!

I also recently got a 1950's cocktail dress, but I will save that for later for a outfit post!! ( Clue the colors are Lavender Green, Black and Teal)
Hope You All Enjoyed
What was you latest vintage bargain that you got recently??
I will also have hair post how tos very soon!
PS: Update on my powder room
All I need is the walls for hanging up vintage hair pictures and etc, then I will post share pics of 'The Pink Retro Powder Room'

Have A Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst


  1. You look lovely yourself miss! And my my what a lovely finds!!

  2. Cute outfit! And omg that dress for $1!!!

    The other day I went to an estate sale at a mobil home park (the cute ones with elderly people in 60s pastel trailers) and found a bakelite bangle for $1 in a junky plastic jewelry box :)


  3. Wow! Thats some amazing finds!! Lucky you!

    And very nice outfit, and I have to say I like the photo very much!

  4. You look so adorable! And I'm so envious of your finds... what incredible bargains!! That coat is just gorgeous.

    I just got a beautiful black late 40s/early 50s cashmere coat with a mink collar for $10.00 at a local antique store. Spring's the best time for stocking up on winter vintage!

  5. I haven't found anything vintage in ages, it is like our op-shops are all tapped out! Vintage seems to be more rare here than in America, sadly. I love your finds though, especially that 1950s dress!

  6. I recently found a beautiful turquoise tweed coat from the 1960s - only $20!! and it's in perfect conditon

  7. vintage clothing for a reasonable price in AU is hard but I did manage to get something lovely this weekend

    A charmingly beautiful red vintage suitcase. In mint condition. Literally a diamond in garbage. 7 dollars!

  8. Oh that coat is divine! You always find such amazing things for cheap prices! :)

  9. Awesome! Can't wait to see more photos. :)

  10. Wow! What awsome finds! Car Boot season has just started here in the uk, so i am looking forward to a season of hunting. i blog about my finds too in my blog too...

    BooBoo x

  11. FAbulous outfit, makes jeans look classy! Great photos too. x

  12. I love this look on you and the finds are spectcular!!

  13. beautiful stuff! The dress is sooo cute!
    Evil Lyn

  14. These outfits are looking really very nice and beautiful.I really like this costumes very much.

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