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Friday, February 25, 2011

Future! Mens Vintage Hair & Fun & Flirty Vintage Hair!

Hey All My Vintage Readers!
Yes I will be posting on Vintage Hair For Men!!
So exciting for those retro guys who loves the hair back then!!!
For my lovely Vintage Gals,
I will be posting a list for the inspriation list for the Fun and Flirty Vintage Hair!

Mean While... Stay Hair Sprayed!!! 'Hair Spray'

Have A Very Vintage Day,
Miss Amethyst


  1. I will be sure to show my husband the vintage hair tips! We have two great vintage inspired hair cutting places for men in Portland that he frequents.

  2. I love your eyebrows Ms. Amethyst! Do you tweeze/wax them yourself? I'm super excited for your upcoming tutorials. They're so helpful. Unfortunately, my boyfriend will not be sporting any vintage hair. Anything that involves product or a comb is too much work for him. Boo!

  3. Thank you ladies! :) I cant wait either!

    Lauren- That is neat to have vintage insp. hair cutting place. I wish my town did too :) maybe i need to open a shop in the near future ;)

    Louzee- Thank you!! I tweeze my eyebrows, I feel that I have more control of my eye brow shape when I tweeze.I also like peaks in my eyebrows. hahah. aww!! I cant wait either for my hair how to's too!

  4. My boyfriend has the best vintage hair. (Maybe I'm just biased ;] )But I can't wait to see the posts! Tips for he and I! Yay!!!!

  5. My boyfriend is excited about your upcoming posts, he tries to get the 50s look but is finding it a struggle to do the hair right.

  6. You look so lovely~ can't wait for your how-to's.


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