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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blue Butterfly Hat! Outfit Post!

Hello Vintage Darlings!!
Today I want to show you my vintage Blue Butterfly outfit post!! I love this hat it heavy enough for winter and fall but also still airy for early spring!!Everything I am wearing is from the 50's!! :) The dress I am wearing is SO warm and cozzy . It was really cold and windy, so that was a plus to have a warm dress!!
I am also wearing this new lipstick that is from the line 'no7' its more of a blue red lipstick. I like it alot , its stays forever no smudge or any thing!!! :)
Here are some photos!!!
Check them out!!

My hair was set like Jane Powell in a 1953 movie with bangs. I like this style set!! Its adorable!!!
Hope You Enjoy!!
Have A Very Vintage Day!
Miss Amethyst


  1. Beautiful look - I especially love the hat. The colour goes perfectly with your hair and skin.

  2. You look smashing! Which lipstick is it - I am using a few from NO7 and I am very pleased with them, my top favorite so far being Dare Devil - how is this one called?

  3. Your dress and hat were made for each other! I love all of the buttons up the front of your dress. Lovely!! xoxo

  4. Very nice outfit, love the color combinations! What shoes did you wear to this dress?

  5. You look gorgeous here...straight out of the 50's! xx

  6. You wear both the dress and the hat so well, the colour combination is just right and the little butterfly on the hat is so sweet, and such a lovely finishing touch you look devine.

  7. Love that dress...and hair. You look great in bangs! Tallulah said "divine" - I agree...

    Hey, not sure if you read comments on older posts - I just today read your January awards post, and spotted my name. Hope you didn't think I was too rude for not saying thank you earlier!

  8. Your dress is gorgeous, it really suits you. You look beautiful X

  9. You look perfect!! The navy color really suits you hun! And that dress is to die for! I wish I could find such treasures in my size!

  10. Thank you Ladies for Such sweet comments!!!

    garofit- Thank you !!! Ohh yes!!! I want to try that lipstick! I have 'Fire Hydrien' ( think i spelt that correct ):P hehehe

    Brittany Va Va Voom- Thank you!I think the buttons are so cool too!!

    Miss Margarita- Hahaa!!! YESS!!! i forgot!!! Well I will post them on my next post . But they are black and white plaid vintage 2 tone!!

    Sarsaparilla- AWWW thank you!! Oh no!! Dont worry!!! That is totally fine!!! :D I dont mind!! :D


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