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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello Vintage Lovers!
So I wanted to give you all a update. Well, its not to keen on that fact...i really love the summer!
I'm still working in Stanley Salon, and I'm loving every minute of it!!! I feel like its the best career a girl can have!! To be in the beauty industry, love it!
As far as me, I'm still trying to figure out how so fast life is passing by, I feel like i just started this blog and  i was only 17 years old.... in another couple months I will be 20.
kinda weird, but hey I'm not complaining.
Vintage shopping, ?
Well, I need to show you a picture of the down stairs, its totally cool, my mom and dad have been creating a martini time living room from the 50's and 60's and its pretty awesome! I feel like they are so talented in decorating and creating a space that can make you feel like you were imported from a different era, I keep on telling them they should start blogging about home decor!!! So i have to create a post on that! I recently found some awesome dresses, I'm kinda to the point where i have SO much vintage that when i go shopping unless its completely different or if it totally cheap i will by it, I'm starting to get a little picky that way. Because where I live we have SOOO Much vintage stores and antique stores.
But I'm currently into allot of knitted wear. Its a easy way of getting a instant hour glass shape because it clings to your body, hello drop dead curves!!!!
As far as beauty secrets.... well hahaha!! Lets just say i have a completely new line of foundation that I'm totally into!
Well Dolly's that's all for now!!!
Love As Always
Miss Amethyst
My Family!
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  1. so glad you're back to blogging! You have such a wonderful blog :)

  2. I'm so glad that you are back on here! Missed seeing you posts! Please post more, I love love your blog. <3

  3. Glad you're back!
    I do love your blog too! I hope you post more. I'd like to see more "How tos", they are my favorite posts of all.


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