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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Cut Betty Bangs!!

Hello Vintage Lovers!!!
Today I will be showing you how to cut your own Betty Bangs... or if you have a friend you can use this go to at home guide to cut the "Perfect" Betty Bangs!!

Tools you need:
* Styling comb
*Duckbill clips / or Butterfly clips
* Good Shears
*Water Bottle

Lets get started!!

1) So first wet your hair in the front. 

2) Determine how thick you want your bangs.( Betty Bangs are fairly thick) Section your "bang hair' in a triangle. 
3) Clip The rest of your hair back

4)  Now take your triangle section and split it in half.

Just realised I cant really show you while I'm actually cutting it @ the same time take a picture of it!!
5) Cut your bangs starting in the middle . Don't cut to short leave *extra length ... it will shrink when it drys. 
6) Now take a little bit of the section you cut and use that as your guide for the sides. Cut the temples a little shorter than the middle of the bang. To have the U effect

7) Sides already cut.

 8) Now take the hair that you split in half down.

10) Now match it up with the hair that has already been cut in the bottom. 

11) Finished Cut Bangs. A Perfect U shape!  

**Now for the finishing touches!! Blow dry your bangs and flat iron it!!***
Lovely your perfect Pinup Betty Bangs!!!

Hope you enjoyed my how to!

Have any question.. Please fell free to ask!

Love as always!!
Mis Amethyst


  1. Hi there, I saw you did some posts on faceshapes and what cuts would suit. I'm not sure what mine is. I would LOVE your opinion on what cut/style would be best for me. My hair is fine and wispy and refuses to grow long.

    PS Don't judge my hair, I'm currently battling with a super-bad haircut. :(

    Love Miss T Porkchop.

  2. I'm growing out my Betty bangs, but I never could figure out how to cut them myself! I tried once with disastrous results.

    Mabel Time

  3. Fun Bettie bang tip: cut that top layer slightly longer than the bottom layer so the are beveled. Mine laid so much better this way!

  4. Miss Tallulah Porkchop-
    I was looking at some on your pictures and I think your facial type is oval. So pretty much you can get away with lots of hair cuts! Right now I think your hair is pretty cute! Since your hair is fine a wispy I suggest Razor hair cuts.

    Mabel : Awww :( Hopefuly this how to helped..

    Hello Jodi : Yes that does helped expecaily if you have a cowlick. I have one and I had to do the same exact thing, the weigh it down.

  5. Hiya!! I love your blog and this post made me think, what the heck! I cut my fringe. However, I do have very curly hair and I do straighten only the fringe so it can seem a bit severe. I'm sooooo happy with it though and its all thanks to you! xxx


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