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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Hair

Bangs and cant tell with the picture (came out darker) but im a meddium brown now!
xx Miss Amethyst xx

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My First Vlog! Product Reveiw

Hope you guys like it!


Im still new at this to bare with me
Love As Always
Miss Amethyst

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Leting my Hair Air Dry, and wonder......

Heat and irons can damage hair

WONDER .....
If you can cut down on heat and irons, how much your hair would love you even more

How much engery you would save

how long you can deal with a poufy mess

Good thing there are rollers!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello Vintage Lovers!
So I wanted to give you all a update. Well, its not to keen on that fact...i really love the summer!
I'm still working in Stanley Salon, and I'm loving every minute of it!!! I feel like its the best career a girl can have!! To be in the beauty industry, love it!
As far as me, I'm still trying to figure out how so fast life is passing by, I feel like i just started this blog and  i was only 17 years old.... in another couple months I will be 20.
kinda weird, but hey I'm not complaining.
Vintage shopping, ?
Well, I need to show you a picture of the down stairs, its totally cool, my mom and dad have been creating a martini time living room from the 50's and 60's and its pretty awesome! I feel like they are so talented in decorating and creating a space that can make you feel like you were imported from a different era, I keep on telling them they should start blogging about home decor!!! So i have to create a post on that! I recently found some awesome dresses, I'm kinda to the point where i have SO much vintage that when i go shopping unless its completely different or if it totally cheap i will by it, I'm starting to get a little picky that way. Because where I live we have SOOO Much vintage stores and antique stores.
But I'm currently into allot of knitted wear. Its a easy way of getting a instant hour glass shape because it clings to your body, hello drop dead curves!!!!
As far as beauty secrets.... well hahaha!! Lets just say i have a completely new line of foundation that I'm totally into!
Well Dolly's that's all for now!!!
Love As Always
Miss Amethyst
My Family!
 2 years ago

Pictures Are Worth A Thousands Words


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love this???? ...Try this!!!!

So we all know that we tend to do the same things over and over again...
Same goes with our beauty routine!
So this season I decided to give a little twist in our comfortable hair and makeup looks!
1) Love 'Lotta Body'????
Try: Aveda 'Brillant' Styling Gel
( Not on y s it Way more natural but it still give you the shine and hold you need for your set...also it smells SO refreshing!!!)
2) Love Red Lipstick with pink checks?
Try: Cinnamon lipstick and a bronzed cheek
( Yes we all know the classic shades for our favorite look is pink cheeks and red lipsticks but these warm shades for the fall and winter can actually compliment fragile skin tones. But it also gives this sexy Film Nior Vixen appeal)

3) Love Side Parts??
Try: A Middle Part
( Change up your look for a day and sport the dreaded middle part if styled right it will actually bring more attention to your eyes! Remember side part brings more attention to your cheekbones)

4) Love Tight Curls???
Try: To Loosen Up
( Sometimes when we pin curl or hair it tends to be extremely wavy or curly.... try to loosen p with curl by roller setting it or larger pin curl set. That way you can have a more Carefree look.)

Loves As Always
Miss Amethys

Monday, September 24, 2012

...and you thought I left....

And making people Vintage pinups day by day!!!!....
I missed you guys :(

( i look very unvintage todaybut alas i was tired!!!!)

Any one up for a how to!
Love as always
Miss Amethyst

Sunday, May 27, 2012

1930's SweetHeart Style: In its Pooofy Glory!

Our Look!!!!!
The Twist ?!
Betty Bangs!

Lets get Started!!!!!

This is what you need : RedKen *iron silk 07, butterfly clips, pin curl clips, rat tail comb, and a pick :)

***optional hair spray***
 ( i want don't want this look to be over loaded with hairspray *unless you have hard to curl hair* , i want it to be poofy and touchable)

1) This lady here has a layered bob with a Betty bang shape bangs . We are taking her Blah look to very vintage 1930's look!

2) So here i want to have 2 , "1 inch sections of pin curls going toward the face. The one inch base pin curl will provide the foundation of the hair style being poofy.
3) Depending on where you part your hair take down a 2 - 3 inch section of the hair and do slightly larger curls.

(Your pin curler should stop winding about to the arch of your eyebrow)

( Note Again 2- 3 inches off base)

4) Repeat the same on the other side , as well for the back
( the reason why out bases are suppose to be longer in this hair style is because it provides more dramatic attention to the triangle shape look we are going for)

5) This is how your pin curls should look like in the back when taken out

6) How your pin curls should look like when set.

(here is a more clearer picture of how the set is sculpted)

7) Take out all your pin curl clips. It should look like this

8) For this look all you need to do is to pick the curls out

9) Flatten down the crown

10) Finish look!!!!

Doesn't she look like a Doll??!!!

Any Questions???
Feel free to ask!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hello My Vintage Friends!!!!!

Playing with my cousin acting silly!!!!
I'm officially back from my busy world of hair!!!! I recently did some wedding ..and yes of course dolls and guys ...vintage style!!!!!!
I also have been taking pictures along the way!!! ...And yes for my how tos....don't worry i have them all saved on the computer ...all I have to do is edit them!! ...( and let me tell you they are fab fab fab!!)
I also have to trips planed so i will show you my latest treasures!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
So I'm just supper excited to just sit back and just blog away!!!!!
Much needed therapy!!!!

My mama and dadda!!!!

Look forward to my next post!!!!